SMAC members are groundbreakers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. This community fosters an environment of innovation and expertise in social media, with an emphasis on new business opportunities, knowledge and creating business relationships. Corporate memberships give companies a voice in the conversation and a seat at the table.

Member benefits include:
1. Showcase your company’s innovation

  •  Share research, technology, business models, etc.
  •  Sponsor events and present your business ideas

2. Education

  • Be among the first to learn about new technologies and business opportunities
  • Participate in SMAC research projects

3. Networking and Events

  •  Collaboration & interaction with industry leaders at SMAC events
  • Opportunity to speak on sponsored panels or discussions
  • Connection with SMAC members

4.   Industry Visibility and Participation

  • Visibility on the website
  • Amplification of your company’s efforts across the SMAC social channels
  • Complimentary access to SMAC VIP events
  • Exclusive invitation to industry VIP events
  • Discounts on related conferences and events
  • Ability to participate on committees and apply for seat on the Board of Directors

Membership fees

  • Corporate level membership: $3,000 (annual) for basic membership
  • Gold level membership– Corporate member companies who also serve on the Board of Directors and/or contribute $10,000 or more towards SMAC sponsorship.

SMAC is now accepting members. Download a membership application or email for more details.

Member Point of Contact

  •  One individual, per company, will be established as the central point of contact for each member company. An additional individual may be appointed as the billing point of contact (per application process).

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